RentProg implementation case in Amigo car rental

Date of implementation: 06/01/2020, date of taking indicators - 05/15/2021

Fleet indicators

Introduction of RentProg allowed to increase the growth rate and renewal of the fleet car. There were 34 cars in the fleet, it became 50, an increase of 47%. Over the previous year, without Rentprog, the growth was 36%: from 25 to 34 cars. It is easier to grow by a larger percentage from a larger base, but this is offset by a significant increase in car prices in 2020-2021, in addition, in the previous year, the car fleet grew due to the purchase of cars in 2014-2015. release, and in the reporting year cars were bought in 2017-2020. Release, i.e. the increase was not only quantitatively but also qualitatively better.

Personnel productivity indicators

The use of an automated business management system has increased the productivity of employees. In the previous year - 3 employees for about 30 cars (2 managers and owner-manager), i.e. about 15 cars for 1 manager. In addition, the manager (owner) often participated in the issuance of a car, employees often worked overtime and at the limit of their strength. There was an underload of the fleet, we had to refuse small orders, as there was not enough working time for employees to serve everyone. The quality of service for cars and clients suffered due to a lack of staff (at the same time, in the season when there is less fuss, due to an increase in the average duration of the lease, it happened that employees were sitting idle).

In the reporting year - 4 employees for 50 cars (3 managers and a hired chief manager). It turns out about 16 cars for 1 manager. At the same time, due to the automation of business processes due to the introduction of CRM, there was an optimization of the use of working time by employees, everyone knows what to do without the direct participation of the manager, the manager distributes tasks at the click of a mouse, the need for most small communications between employees on routine issues has decreased, just look to the program and see upcoming tasks. Car and client service has improved, the percentage of fleet utilization has increased due to the ability to accept small orders between main bookings.

The business owner is completely freed from participation in the daily activities of the rental, with the exception of strategic planning, car acquisition and selective control.


In the first months after implementation The CPM system revealed that there was a systematic under-withholding of money from customers in reimbursement for fuel and car washing. Prior to this, no methods (accounting in excel and marks in the paper chart of car rental) did not give a result, and most importantly, they did not even give a close idea of ​​​​the size of the disaster in this matter! With manual accounting of washes and fuel, the manager must spend all his working time counting these small amounts and still not be able to do it as clearly as the accounting program.

For a fleet of 50 vehicles, the monthly cost of washing is about 8000€. As it turned out, only about 2,000 € were withheld from customers. Of all the costs of car wash, we compensated only 25% at the expense of customers. Thanks to the measures taken, it was possible to bring this figure to 60-75%. The savings amounted to about 30-40 thousand rubles per month (and this is the whole salary of an employee). The monthly cost of refueling all cars is about 4000€. Only about 1500€ (35-40%) were withheld from clients. The measures taken helped to bring compensation for fuel to almost 100%. The savings amounted to about 2500€. For obvious reasons, it is almost impossible to bring compensation for car wash to 100%.

Next, we are working to reduce the cost of car maintenance and repair and optimize smaller costs.

Revenue and profit

The introduction of a car rental automation system allowed not only to reduce some cost items and save on wages pay, thanks to the fact that one employee can now service more machines. For the same reason, it was possible to increase the loading of the fleet. Before the introduction of CRM, the load did not exceed approximately 70%, possibly less, the data is approximate, because. Accounting was done in Excel. According to the results of the year of using RentProg, the average car load, which the program shows, is 78%. Achieved thanks to, as already mentioned, the optimization of the work of employees and the ability to accept small orders, as well as a clear automated accounting system for armor. You can completely fill the gaps between the main armor with smaller orders, without fear of losing them or creating overlays, as with manual accounting. This indicator alone made it possible to increase revenue by more than 8%, and in absolute terms this is the composition It pays about 15,000€ per month.

As a result, in terms of the sum of all monetary indicators, the company's profit increased by more than 20,000€ per month due to the implementation of  RentProg business automation program . The program costs an insignificant 1000€ per month.

Internet rating and good business reputation

Application of this enterprise management system allowed us to bring car rental to a qualitatively new level of development in all respects. High-quality customer service, clearly and on time, with attention to all the little things and wishes (it is impossible to forget the client's request - the program will remind you) and high-quality transport service (it is impossible not to do it - you cannot deceive the program), as well as the automatic request for feedback from customers by the program, made it possible , in one year, radically improve the reputation of car rental on the Internet and overtake all competitors at times. Reviews in Google, there were about 35, it became - 138, rating 4.9. The number of reviews is several times higher than the number of reviews of most competitors and the rating, at the same time, at the highest level! You can see this for yourself, compare the Amigo car rental rating on the indicated sites with competitors (or on any other review sites).


All these achievements have attracted investors. The RentProg program makes it possible to provide interested parties with access to honest management information and analytical data on income and expenses in general or on particular cars. Investors can be shown not speculative calculations on paper or in tables that you filled out manually, but a huge electronic, ordered array of information generated automatically based on the results of the business. Before the 2021 season, thanks to this information, it was possible to attract 12 investor cars, which will allow you to receive about 15,000€ per month of additional profit.

Coordinated team work and management

Yes, of course, all these successes have been achieved not only thanks to the use of the CRM system. This is a competent selection of personnel, and high-quality management and thoughtful strategic planning. The program streamlines and formalizes all business processes at the box office, optimizes activities, eliminates unnecessary chains of interactions, automates routine actions and frees up time. Therefore, the achievements were made, although not only thanks to this software, but without RentProg they would simply be impossible.


Rentprog - for me it has become the best and most profitable solution for automating the car rental business. I've been using it for about a year now. Before that, almost all rental management systems that are on the market were considered. In addition to insufficient convenience (they require installation, settings, restrictions on the number of employees, etc.) and insufficiently thought-out functionality (either difficult to understand or many nuances were not thought out), the main reason for refusing all these programs was the high price. With Rentprog, the work of my business was pided into “before” and “after”. I will not describe here the numbers of car fleet growth and cost reduction, in advertising of rental programs they are +/- similar to the truth ... I will say the main thing - after the implementation of this CRM, I really became the owner of my business, and not the acting manager, as before. This program saves the most valuable resource we have - Time, something that is irreplaceable! Now I can do incredible things! For example, turn off the phone for a few days, and be sure that everything is in order at my rental. Not appearing in the office for weeks, because control over my company is in my pocket (phone). Do not call employees, but simply appoint responsible persons in the program and employees themselves know what to do. You can not meet with employees in person and not count their cash registers in notebooks - all income and expenses are in the program and under control at any time.