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Open the reservation card and click on the "Receive Car" button. Next, you enter the date and time of the actual return of the car. After you have calculated the amount of payments that must be returned to the client, in the item "Additional payments" you select the types of services for which you must return the money, for example "Rent" (you can select several). After that, if you owe the client money - enter a negative amount (with a "-") in the appropriate field. If the client owes you (for example for a car wash) - enter the amount of payment in the usual way. Don't forget to set the method of payment. You don't have to choose the same method of payment for all services. For example, you can return the deposit in cash, transfer the rest of the rent for early return to the client's card, and deduct the terminal payment for the carwash. Any combination of payment methods is possible.

Yes, of course, although the main application of our CRM system is the field of car rental and rental, as well as taxi fleet management, it can be successfully used to automate the activities of a rental point for any equipment: automotive, special, construction and other vehicles (ground and air). In addition to car rentals, our clients include taxi services, motorcades, motorcycle, scooter and electric scooter rentals, construction machinery and equipment rental services, yacht and aircraft rentals, and even sea container rental services.

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