Features of the RentProg system

In parking

All rental objects are not rented, the main actions with them.


List of bookings, and basic information about them.

Plan for the day

Working day planning. Appointment of responsible, control.


Calendar with all active bookings. Planning.


Analytics on rental objects, employees, bookings.


Company partners. List of partners, accounting of payments.

Company branches

Branches of the company. List of branches, management, entry.


List of clients and basic information about them.

Accounting for customer debts

Dealing with customer debts. Notifications, returns, statuses.


Dealing with customer fines. Notifications, returns, statuses.

Invoices for payment

Work with invoices for payment for companies. Accounting, statuses, control.

Employee's cashbox

All transactions with money. Income, expenditure, internal transfers.

Rental objects

List of rental objects. Status, prices, characteristics, condition.


All maintenance work on rental properties. Scheduled and unscheduled.


Company warehouse. Remains, movement, management.


Task list. Personal and general. Deadlines, performers, statuses.


Management of employees, their rights, data.

WhatsApp integration

Sending messages on WhatsApp. Message templates.


Employee payroll accounting. Payment control.


Creation of checklists for employees. Execution control.

Staff Schedule

Employee work schedule. Vacations, holidays, sick days.

Company cashbox

The movement of funds in the company. Control of expenses and income.

Company settings

Settings for prices, periods, seasons, notifications, etc.


Service aggregator. Connection to other services.


Company tariffs. List of tariffs, management.

Document Templates

Document templates. Creation of templates, management.

GPS beacons

GPS beacons. Map of objects, control, management.

Website booking form

The booking form can be easily integrated into any website.

API in the RentProg system

API in the RentProg system. Integration with the site and third-party services