Module Partners

The “Partners” module is designed to control and calculate the amount of payments to owners of vehicles transferred to management for subsequent rental.
Here you can create several partners, then link the partner to specific cars.

To create a partner on the “Partners” page, click on the green Add partner button and fill out all the fields. These fields are for informational purposes only and are not taken into account in any calculations.

To link a car to a partner, you need to go to the partner’s card and click on the Add car button, select the ones you need by checking the boxes, and click Save. After linking, all the information necessary for analytics will be presented on this page.

In the future, to access analytics, you need to click on the desired one in the list of partners, and you will go to a page with payments for linked cars, as well as a list of payments to the partner.

In order to unlink a car from a partner, you need to go to the partner’s card, next to the names of the cars there will be a red trash icon, by clicking on it you will unlink the car from your partner.

Employee role Partner

The Partner role is needed so that your partner, who has given control of the car, can control expenses and income, the number of reservations, etc., but at the same time does not have access to other cars, and also cannot edit anything in the system. It is needed only for the functionality of Partners. A user with the partner role can only associate certain vehicles, and he will only see information about them, while he does not have access to editing and creating reservations.

To add a partner, you need to add an employee, then change his role to Partner. After this, you need to go to the Partners page and add a new partner. After creating a partner, he will appear in the table, you need to copy his ID, then go to the employee profile with the Partner role, there will be a partner ID field, you need to enter the ID of the newly created partner and click save.

Note that an employee and a partner in “Partners” are different entities. You can add a partner in “Partners” and not create an employee with the Partner role. In this case, you can link cars and keep all the records associated with your partner, but he will not have access to the system. In many cases, this is enough, but if you need a partner to have access to the system, then you need to create a corresponding employee.